What a Difference a Year or Two Make

An Artist’s work evolves and hopefully becomes something more interesting over time. This is such the case with mine. Embarrassement ensued after collecting some work left at a Gallery for a summer and not collected until the following spring. When l looked at some of the pieces, they lacked depth and interest. The good thing was that I realised how my art practice had come on.

I liked the composition of “Path to the Coast, and the idea was still vivid, the light on the path, the long perspective down the path towards the coast. So I have reworked it, strengthening the colour and creating more perspective. The sea was roughly done with no graduation of colour to give distance. The hedge lacked depth with not enough colours layered over. It now has the look of a thorny bramble hedge you wouldn’t dare put your arm into. So it has become something far more than before and I am pleased with it.

Path to the Coast,

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