The Three JAM- IGO's

A friends son was picking strawberries for a major supermarket in June and as is the way these days, they won’t accept the misshapen or unevenly ripe fruit – the rejects. Not one for waste, she shared them out between friends to make coulli, ice cream and Jam. Whilst stirring my Jam, it occurred to me that we should have a little bit of friendly competition and enter our jam into the local village Flower and Produce Show.

What a great idea! A little friendly competition with the winner providing a cream tea for the other two with the winning jam. Annie thankfully remembered to hand the entry forms in, and this morning at 8.00 am we took our Jam up to the Village Hall at Poughill. There was a lovely crowd of regular exhibitors who had laid out their prize carrots, potatoes, parsnips and the biggest leeks I have ever seen.

So the three Jam-igo’s left their jam on the table with 8 other jars of preserve for the judge to taste and thought nothing more of it, being in the company of seasoned exhibitors.

Kim and Annie couldn’t make the afternoon, so I went along to take in a traditional summer event held for a number of years in the village. Not wanting to be too obvious or seem too competitive I didn’t go straight over to the table, and trying to be nonchalant about the whole thing just glanced down as I passed the preserves. I saw that Kim had a second place and it was then that I realised I might be in with a chance and was gobsmacked to see I had first prize. So a cream tea for Kim and Annie it is. Oh …..the hardship!!

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