If Stones could speak, poetry would be their words

Stones are by their nature very old and many have travelled across continents, either naturally through the milennia of glacier movement or simply tumbled down streams or across oceans. It is a nice idea that “If stones could speak, poetry would be their words”.

Some of the storm beaches here in North Cornwall have large ridges of stones, made up of rock that has been eroded from the cliff face. They are very hard and tumbles around in the surf, especially in the big tides that have a real ground sea and push the stones up the beach and drag them back down again.

the biggest one is approx 15 x 20cm!

Every so often, it is possible to find a heart shaped stone. It seems amazing that the sea can shape something so hard into something so soft and curved. We have a few in the garden, some of them very special.

One my son found and gave to me on Mothers Day, Another huge one, (pictured) we found right outside the lifeguard hut where my son was working at the time. And just last night, a friend brought me one she had found on the beach; small, dark and beautiful. It was that gift that prompted me to write this post.

latest addition is the little one on the right

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