Marketing, Networking and New Prints

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are now vital parts of my marketing strategy. Oh.. hear me say that!. I’m no businesswoman; I like to paint and create; but for a few minutes a day, I can get in touch with the world and the web is the way to get your work out there. And .. I don’t mean just nationally. Most interestingly, most of my followers are people in and around Cornwall, but who access me via the web and are great at promoting what they see if they like it through sharing and tweeting.

Through facebook, I was contacted by an interior designer about producing a range of prints for some very high spec holiday cottages. I hadn’t ventured into the area of prints before, but with the help of a great printer, I now have around 18 images available as limited edition prints up to 60 cm x 90 cm printed on bockingford and fabriano papers. They look absolutely stunning and I am so pleased.

Here I am at the Framers signing and titling 14 prints ready for framing.


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